Sunday, April 8, 2012

A few definitions

I had someone call me on the fact that some of the words I use aren't always in common usage so I thought I would start a definitions list. Given how busy this last weekend has been and my upcoming surgery this seemed right up my alley for something I could do during the 6 hours or so of riding in a car I had over the last weekend. If you see any errors in this list or have things you think should be added, let me know! I am always up for corrections and comments. 

Asexual - a person who doesn't feel sexual attraction towards other people
Agendered - a person who feels they have no gender
ASAB - assigned sex at birth - afab or amab for female/male
Appropriation - taking something from another persons identity that isn't a part of yours.
Body map - a persons internal map of what their body should look like. A person generally experiences some level of dysphoria if this doesn't match their body.
BDSM - bondage, discipline, dominance/submission, sadomasochism
Busted language - language that is oppressive to another group of people
Cis - an overarching term for people whose asab and gender identity match
Cis sexual - a person whose body map matches their body
Cis gendered - a person whose asab matches their gender identity
CASAB - coercively assigned sex at birth
Demisexual - a person who is sexually attracted to people only after getting to know them
Dysphoria - the feeling that something isn't right with your body, either something is there and shouldn't be or something is missing
Erasure - the systematic failure to have things a person can identify with in the culture, e.g.  Not having trans* people represented in schools
Fetish/paraphilia - something that is typically non sexual that arouses a person or is required for sexual gratification
Grey-asexual  - a person who isn't sexually attracted to people the majority of time
Gender fluid - a person who feels their gender is variable and doesn't fit in the binary
Gender queer - a person who feels their gender doesn't fit in the binary
Gender fuck - a person who intentionally expresses their gender to play with people's preconceptions
Heterosexual - a person who is sexually attracted to what is considered the opposite sex
Homosexual - a person who is sexually attracted to the same sex
Intersex - a person who, at birth, the doctors determined their genitalia was "ambiguous." typically doctors would "correct" the ambiguation, thankfully this is being done less and less. Often this leads to ASAB becoming CASAB.
Misgendering - not using the correct gender signifiers for a person
Neutrois - a person who is agendered and experiences dysphoria
Passing - trying to appear as another gender than your asab, e.g. Afab Trying to pass as a male
Queer - a person who feels that modern societal norms don't fit them for their gender, sexuality or expression thereof. Also a political ideology
Sapiosexual - a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence
Sadomasochism - a person who enjoys giving (sadism) and receiving (masochism) pain
Trans* - the overarching term for a person whose asab doesn't match their gender identity
Trans sexual - a person who is trans* and has or intends to have gender alignment surgery or hormones
Trans gender - a person who is trans* and does not intend to have gender alignment surgery or hormones at this time
Tokenizing - having one person represent a whole group

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